Sunday, August 11, 2013

Write About Your Life. You Are The Story.

"Write about your life. You are the story." 

I've had this epiphany converge on me from several different directions lately. From my own experiences with writing (and later reading what I've written) to the books I've been reading (especially the ones that magically appear) and the people crossing paths with me in life right now, the message is the same; Be the story, tell it from the center of the thing and the gravity of your unique experience & perspective will pull the reader right into the middle of it with you. And that is the way we learn + connect + expand best – by experiencing, by being immersed in a moment, an emotion, in understanding.

Wherever you go, there you are. And that is where the story is.

The interaction between mother & child you saw leaving the store is your storyYour relationships, their interwoven complexities + their common element of you, is your storyThe beautiful creature or amazing insect that crossed your path + drew your attention today is your storyThe thing you dissolve rapturously into, losing all track of time & the rest of the world, that is your storyThe unresolved turmoil tugging at the back of your mind is your story. The fleeting idea you just had, then dismissed as too ______ (fill in the blank), that is your story. The thing in your life you don’t like to remember or admit to is your story. Your ability to finally face it, acknowledge, explore + overcome it –  that is your story

Everything you have ever done, seen, heard & experienced, all that you are + all you are bringing into being – THAT IS YOUR STORY.

You are a unique experience + individual expression of LifeBe your story unfolding. This allows you an intense power. Embody this expression + embrace this experience.

Right where you are, right now, write about where you are, write now. 

Let it open up + free you. Let it reveal your wounds + heal you. Let it hold you + release you to all you already are, all that’s been hidden behind the quiet of the empty page.

Write on,



  1. Being the story – I love how you desrcibe the gravity of it pulling people in. That is exactly what I am trying to do with my book, and it sure is cathartic! And being the story unfolding makes Inner Wise Self love notes so powerful.

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