Sunday, July 21, 2013

Feelings Like Water - Mar. 11th, 2012


  1. You are such a water sign! I have tons of water in my chart too – four planets in Pisces – and I think we watery beings really understand the way feelings are supposed to just keep flowing. Easier said than done sometimes! I often talk about how I reckon that resentment is like cold anger, like the solidified lava that once was rage and was not at that time allowed to flow. The saying related to making sure you feel everything is so apt for your piece here too: “ Drink the cup”.

  2. Dear DJ,
    I am loving your blog. Thank you, thank you. There is in me, such a resonant response, and I recognise it as commonality of purpose - that through what I do and express, others may be illuminated by their own light. And now to my comment about this post, which feels like a continuum of our Spark call about release! Yes! yes! feel the feelings fully, for how else do we come to experience fully the magnificence of our moment-to-moment creations. How can we possibly come to know, truly know, the nature of creative wonder, if we side swipe the feelings that are the messengers of experience.I would add and venture to say - and hey, isn't this what its all about - ad-venture! - that when the feelings have flowed unimpeded through me - they let me go. All I am required to do is feel them in response to their arrival - and then they leave, just as they arrived. This to me, is elegant empowerment. Elegance - no effort on my part other than to be present. So effortless I am not even required to let go - just to keep my hands open in a stance of eternal flow.