Sunday, July 21, 2013

Embrace You - Dec. 31, 2012

Embrace the energy that is you. Use it to cultivate + create. Rise within yourself & you will uplift others with your simple act of presence. Say less so you may hear more. Do less so you may be more (but remain aware of when to act). Emanate your purest heart without expectation of response or reaction. Enslave your ego.
“You are awareness itself and not all these thoughts.” – Yogi Bhajan


There is no tomorrow, so all of your life + energy has but today to blossom. The amazing equation is if you will give everything you have, there will always be more to give. To be faithful with the gifts you are given is to open the door to unspeakable fulfillment, peace, joy + light. To be true to your own unique brand of genius is to mainline the miraculous into your life. This is the genesis of every great act.

Our only responsibility in this life is to hear the sound of our heart & heed its call. That’s it. All the mystics, all the secret-sayers across all of time, truly this is all they have to say. Create the time in the quietest part of your day to be still & listen and you will hear. You will have a gentle urging where to go.

But the map is not the road. To understand is not to Know.  You have to dig in + do it. Experience is the element that elevates an idea or insight into a full-blown, running-naked-through-the-streets, earth-shattering epiphany.

Everything changes when you Know. But who am I to say this? Why am I even here?

I am here to help + heal + hold, to guide others toward the Truth of their own Knowing. I am uplift personified.I am Daniel interpreting the waking dream of the world. I am shifting consciousness through evocative communication. I am a sacred instrument in tune with earth + the cosmos. I sing the soul strings’ crescendo. I am purpose fulfilled + renewed. And I am cycling into dawn on a new phase of Life. 

Happy + new this year, 

∞ DJ ∞ 

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  1. I really relate to the idea of knowing but not doing, because I have so much information that has not yet found its right channel – but I am working on it! Do you remember in the Don Tolman chapter I sent you there is a saying I quoted? “To know and not to do is not to know.”