Sunday, July 21, 2013

Coming Into Being - Sept. 9th, 2012

Where to start? The beginning would seem as good a place as any. Of course, common writer’s rules would tell us to start at a point of intrigue in the story, create conflict & unresolved drama then flash back to how we got to this place once you’ve set the hook & piqued the reader’s interest. Rules & guidelines are good, but better when broken and something new & exciting is discovered. And that’s what I’m here for. It’s why I write. To share a little piece of my own experience & help us see what we do out of habit in the new light of conscious awareness. To see life differently takes new eyes, like a tourist in a foreign land marveling at the mundane the locals take for granted. If you’ll come along for the read, the ride & if you’ll allow me, here is where I’ll help you find your new eyes. But until then, you can look through mine & imagine what’s possible, what’s already happening right in front of us.

There is meaning in all things if we look at them with truly open eyes, when we become aware of how moments within moments & events coincide. It’s no mistake I’ve had an irresistible urge to start cutting up magazines & collaging lately. At the same time I’m picking out the most powerful elements I love in my life and rearranging them to create something unique & beautiful out of what was already there, just waiting to be extracted, interpreted & reframed. If you pay attention, you’ll find your creative life reflects (and can redirect) your inner world. Whether you create by writing, painting, collaging, making music, cooking, organizing, etc., realize your medium and your message are there to speak intimately to you. Listen to what they have to say.

Right now I’m listening & feeling my way into purpose, into receptivity, attraction & understanding. I’m figuring out how my work life, my creative life and all that day-to-day life in between serve my whole life’s purpose (and getting clearer on exactly what that is). I know I can communicate. I know I can help & hold & heal. But how do I synergize these gifts into a passionate patchwork of service? That’s what we’re going to find out here, together. You’ll learn a bit about me, something new about yourself and, most importantly, come closer to being “us” than just you & I.

We’ll look at what we believe and discover how it colors our world. We’ll become aware of where our energy is invested & redirect it as needed. We’ll start asking the right questions instead of fumbling blindly for answers. We’ll stop debating & start deciding. We’ll stop thinking & start acting. We’ll learn to turn our thoughts into feelings & feel them until they’re real. We’ll laugh along the way, we’ll weep with joy & we’ll let go of everything that weighs us down. And when we let go of it all, open palms upturned to receive, what do we find looking back at us but a brand new pair of eyes with which to see the world.

I am grateful you’ve chosen to come along for the ride as I write through the wild. We’ll talk again soon.

              ∞ DJ ∞

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  1. You are so articulate, and write so elegantly. I love the idea that our creative life not only reflects but redirects our inner world – writing my book feels like it is deeply transforming me. I realised that we do art not only because it is healing for others, but primarily because it is healng for ourselves. The very act of focussing on creating something we are moved to bring to life is what brings US to life. It is such an act of profound love towards ourselves, because it means we are listening to ourselves, communing with ourselves. It is like saying: “You are worthy enough to express.” And then also the content of what we are doing is often the thing we most need to hear.