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My Endless Release - June 12th, 2012

Feelings Like Water - Mar. 11th, 2012

Embrace You - Dec. 31, 2012

Embrace the energy that is you. Use it to cultivate + create. Rise within yourself & you will uplift others with your simple act of presence. Say less so you may hear more. Do less so you may be more (but remain aware of when to act). Emanate your purest heart without expectation of response or reaction. Enslave your ego.
“You are awareness itself and not all these thoughts.” – Yogi Bhajan


There is no tomorrow, so all of your life + energy has but today to blossom. The amazing equation is if you will give everything you have, there will always be more to give. To be faithful with the gifts you are given is to open the door to unspeakable fulfillment, peace, joy + light. To be true to your own unique brand of genius is to mainline the miraculous into your life. This is the genesis of every great act.

Our only responsibility in this life is to hear the sound of our heart & heed its call. That’s it. All the mystics, all the secret-sayers across all of time, truly this is all they have to say. Create the time in the quietest part of your day to be still & listen and you will hear. You will have a gentle urging where to go.

But the map is not the road. To understand is not to Know.  You have to dig in + do it. Experience is the element that elevates an idea or insight into a full-blown, running-naked-through-the-streets, earth-shattering epiphany.

Everything changes when you Know. But who am I to say this? Why am I even here?

I am here to help + heal + hold, to guide others toward the Truth of their own Knowing. I am uplift personified.I am Daniel interpreting the waking dream of the world. I am shifting consciousness through evocative communication. I am a sacred instrument in tune with earth + the cosmos. I sing the soul strings’ crescendo. I am purpose fulfilled + renewed. And I am cycling into dawn on a new phase of Life. 

Happy + new this year, 

∞ DJ ∞ 

I'm Still A Kid - Nov. 18, 2012

I’m still a kid, you see, but I’d almost forgotten. I’d moved away from this playful core of innocence & wonder in a years-long game of make believe that I was something other, something to fulfill the fantasy implanted by the static hiss of frozen culture, something I thought I was supposed to be to impress the idle chit-chat of passing acquaintances.

Then one day while at play the question came to me: Why work your entire life around a passing moment of external acceptance? You must live in the company of yourself always. This unique essence that flows through you is the one to build your life around. 

There is untold power in the simple act of expressing who you are on the deepest, purest level & allowing others to not only be illuminated by this but inspired to uncover their own light & let it shine.

But how do you know what you are meant to be? Well, what did you ♥love♥ to do as a kid? 

There is something specific that invigorates you and enlivens all of your senses. You know this feeling well.  It's when the whole world is simultaneously eclipsed & integrated into your act of being in rapturous harmony with the moment.Things just flow. It is the place where we find the most support & the most solace. When you're there, it's almost too easy to just be. Just being what you are meant to be, wholly & completely given over to the power thriving & pulsing in you, is the supreme devotion and the most sincere worship of your Truth.

But life can be a bit like a church with a playground inside. We’re compelled to be stoic in this hallowed place to the point we nearly forget the swings are there to swing upon, not just sit still. The slide is there to be slid down & climbed again. It’s OK (and in fact intendedto be merry as we go ‘round.
We can rejoice in play. We can find a sacred place to swing & slide & go merrily 'round.
Right now, I’m finding this sacred space to play by finding messages in magazines & old books, hidden amidst the everyday ads & articles, then extracting those puzzle pieces with scissors & blades. This way I can sift through & intuitively organize the message meant to be.
This whole process is symbolic of my life right now. I am picking through the elements of me constructed over a lifetime to find the most meaningful bits so I can focus on & rearrange them into something stunningly poignant & seemingly new. Yet they were there all along.
So I have decided to play and jump and yellI have decided that kid in me still needs playtime and naps and to be excited by his creations. And I have decided to give that kid what he needs.
You can decide some things, too. What would you decide to do?

We were wild with joy because tomorrow
We would leave the known world behind.
What a wonderful feeling . . .
To be able to decide your own life and destiny
Obeying without limitations your own mysterious call,
And dreams and passions.
- Douchan Gersi
Would you leave the known world behind and perhaps remember when you were once excited by the simplest things?

∞ DJ ∞

Coming Into Being - Sept. 9th, 2012

Where to start? The beginning would seem as good a place as any. Of course, common writer’s rules would tell us to start at a point of intrigue in the story, create conflict & unresolved drama then flash back to how we got to this place once you’ve set the hook & piqued the reader’s interest. Rules & guidelines are good, but better when broken and something new & exciting is discovered. And that’s what I’m here for. It’s why I write. To share a little piece of my own experience & help us see what we do out of habit in the new light of conscious awareness. To see life differently takes new eyes, like a tourist in a foreign land marveling at the mundane the locals take for granted. If you’ll come along for the read, the ride & if you’ll allow me, here is where I’ll help you find your new eyes. But until then, you can look through mine & imagine what’s possible, what’s already happening right in front of us.

There is meaning in all things if we look at them with truly open eyes, when we become aware of how moments within moments & events coincide. It’s no mistake I’ve had an irresistible urge to start cutting up magazines & collaging lately. At the same time I’m picking out the most powerful elements I love in my life and rearranging them to create something unique & beautiful out of what was already there, just waiting to be extracted, interpreted & reframed. If you pay attention, you’ll find your creative life reflects (and can redirect) your inner world. Whether you create by writing, painting, collaging, making music, cooking, organizing, etc., realize your medium and your message are there to speak intimately to you. Listen to what they have to say.

Right now I’m listening & feeling my way into purpose, into receptivity, attraction & understanding. I’m figuring out how my work life, my creative life and all that day-to-day life in between serve my whole life’s purpose (and getting clearer on exactly what that is). I know I can communicate. I know I can help & hold & heal. But how do I synergize these gifts into a passionate patchwork of service? That’s what we’re going to find out here, together. You’ll learn a bit about me, something new about yourself and, most importantly, come closer to being “us” than just you & I.

We’ll look at what we believe and discover how it colors our world. We’ll become aware of where our energy is invested & redirect it as needed. We’ll start asking the right questions instead of fumbling blindly for answers. We’ll stop debating & start deciding. We’ll stop thinking & start acting. We’ll learn to turn our thoughts into feelings & feel them until they’re real. We’ll laugh along the way, we’ll weep with joy & we’ll let go of everything that weighs us down. And when we let go of it all, open palms upturned to receive, what do we find looking back at us but a brand new pair of eyes with which to see the world.

I am grateful you’ve chosen to come along for the ride as I write through the wild. We’ll talk again soon.

              ∞ DJ ∞